Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well i'm hoping to have more ladies participate in this challenge over the next few weeks... but we will see!

I went to random.org and choose the winner and she is ............Penny Franklin!!!! Yeah... you won $25 gift certificate to My online store The Vintage Lane!!! Please email me @ thevintagelane@gmail.com to tell me your selection! Yeah!!

I know Mother's Day is coming up, and it's to late for a custom necklace but ladies your hubbys can still get you wonderful certificate to our shop!

Send them the link.... as a little reminder... and then you will get to pick out what you want!!! Yeah!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's open!

The Vintage Lane is back open for business! After our long move and our break things are getting back to normal...

So hop on over to the shop and let me know what your favorite is...who knows maybe you will win a nice prize :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back to Normal...

We have moved to Georgia... I know quick right ? I'll let you know what's going on in the next few days....

Until then Sit a spell and enjoy some sweet tea in a jar!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ministry ?

Are you married to someone in the Ministry ? Are you a PW ? Go to my new blog I've got some exciting things that are going to start happening over there!!!

I will still be doing this blog that one is geared more for ministry wives :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

little b & little d

My six year old Madalynne is having issues with her little b and her little d.
It is obviously holding her back in her reading skills .
So i reached out to facebook world and asked for suggestions.

Here is what we ended up doing.

Thanks Jenny P. for this example.

"Write bed at the top of her paper and show her the bed posts! They face the way they are supposed to go!"

SO we jazzed it up by adding shaving cream to the mix!

Here are other suggestions i plan on using.

What do you use to help your child with this issue ?

Let me know if any of these suggestions work for you!

Rhonda says: Have her make a b and d with her fingers. Tell her to look at the way they look and then remind her the b comes first in the alphabet (just like the b on her left finger is first when she looks at it.)

Amme says: I taught my girls by saying "d" stands for door and the letter looks like a doorknob on a door.

Mary says : I'm 49 and still do that sometimes. lol The d points at me the b points away from me.

Bailey says: My mom always said that "b" bounces forward and "d" drops back.
Connie says: Tyler's program teaches the parents to say "little c, then little d" over and over again as they are writing little d. And for the parents to deomonstrate it for them as they keep repeating "little c, then little d".


Try this for your little one.
Great for fine motor skills.

Cut out different shapes out of construction paper.

Color the ends of clothespins to coordinate with the paper.

Mix them all up and have your child clip the clothespin to the shape.

Ask questions such as What Color is this?

What shape is this ?

What shape does this color go on ?

Can you count how many clothespins are on each shape ?

You get the point.

I store all of them in a clear shoe box container and hide away for school time only. This is great for Pre-K or Kindergarten.

dollar day.

I love the flexibility that comes with home schooling.
Usually we do Friday as our day off, however yesterday was $1 day at the Children's Museum.
So of course we switched it around to be able to go, so today we are doing school.
Here are some highlights from our trip :)

Connor playing with puppets.
Dress Up Time ~ 5 minutes until the show!
Awesome Apple Tree with Velcro soft apples! Love this idea!

Ellianna of course trying to eat the "Garden Vegetables"
Ellianna and her budy Naomi

Pizza Time!
Sitting in the back of the delivery truck.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Take this.....
+ a little of this....
Gotta + this as well...
Put over heat and let all this goodness melt together :)
+ a plate of apples and 5 children and you get some happy kidos.
and an unexpected mid afternoon nap for the baby....lol
You would think they were related they look so much alike eh ?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

fresh off the press.

New Family Pictures.
You get to see the funny last pictures first....
Ellianna was so done by the end. oh well.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Simple Women's Day Book.

Outside my window...i see the farmers beginning to harvest their crops, the leaves of the trees are beginning to change into their beautiful harvest color. The Sun is peaking up behind the clouds.

I am thinking... about the future. Even though i don't know what it looks like i know that God has me in his hands :)

I am thankful for...God making all things work together for my good.

I am wearing...socks, comfy pants and a wonderful hoody.

I am remembering...how i must be crazy for homeschooling my kids!

I am creating...a future generation that will rock this world for Jesus!

I am going...to go make a big pot of coffee.

I am reading..the word. the bread of life.

I am hoping...that the the things of my hearts desire will come to pass.

On my mind... wow what a loaded question.

From the learning rooms...That crying is the new in healthy thing :)

Noticing that...when a 16 month old is getting teeth there is NO remedy that will take that pain away.

Pondering these words...I will run I will run this race. I will do it all for Love. Your love compels me for your love controls my heart and i can't i can not get away. I will fight this good fight of faith and I will do it all for love you are my great reward your so worth fighting for i can't wait to see your face.

From the kitchen...toast,sausage and apples.

Around the house...a mess in all the extra rooms. Organizing to be done pronto.

One of my favorite things~my man;)

A few plans for the rest of the week: headed to Cedar Point with my oldest to Pointfest!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We have a winner.

The winner is AMY. She is from my pastors wives forum that i belong to! I'm so blessed to have readers on this blog! Thank you!

Here is Amy's comment.
Yesterday was my daughter's 16th birthday, and I gave her a new purity ring, she lost her first one because it didn't fit right. She is so committed to waiting for marriage, and I am excited to see what God will do with her commitment. I would give this necklace to my middle daughter who is 12. My older two children have purity rings, and this would be a nice way to introduce her to expressing this value until she chooses the commitment on her own.

Email me at thevintagelane@gmail.com with your address and the color crystal you want on the top!

Friday, September 11, 2009

True Love Waits. Giving One Away :)

I love when i sing young girls make a commitment to sexual purity until they are married. So today i thought i would create something special just for them!
I have this beautiful heirloom keepsake necklace that has a dainty crystal hanging from the top.
The crystal can be in a birthstone or your favorite color!
Hung on an 18" chain.
Words stamped are "True Love Waits"

Tell me what you think!

You can find True Love Waits necklace right HERE!
For a limited time only they will be $20!!!
What a great gift!
So.... How about i give one away!!!
All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post down where it says comments on why you are waiting on your true love ?
Or who you would give this to and why?
Just in general why would this be a special piece to you ?
I will randomly draw a name sometime this weekend so let your friends know and make sure to check back to see if ya won!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Loaf of Bread.

Who would think a loaf of bread could bless someone so much ?

Every Thursday in the Summer the kids and I walk the streets of Fenton to watch the people, meet the people heck just be among the people. We love to look at the crafts and the fruits and vegetables, really it's a lot of fun!

Each week the kids love stopping at a homeschool families booth. The girls in the family make all sorts of crafts so each week we pick up something little.
We are up to like 10 felt finger puppets! They only cost $.50 a piece and it blesses their family so much to see our kids love the things they make.

Tonight they had some really cute tic tac toe games that the girls had made. They come in a little pouch and then the outside has squares. The circles have been hand painted with x and o's. I love it.

Now for the bread part. Every week there is samples of this amazing bread!!! It's from Great Harvest Bread Company. The owner is sooo sooo sweet. She always is passing out samples to my kids and just oozing with sweetness. All their cookies and breads are delicious. Anyways tonight was different. The kids have been sooo incredibly good this week with structure and listening ect... but i've had the feeling of I suck am i doing this right ect... Well we walked away from the table to go to our car and the lady came chasing me down. She said i just wanted to let you know your sweet and gentle spirit is so hard to find. You seem like a great momma with well behaved respectful children. She continued to hand me a loaf of this Cinnamon Concoction called Bread and say i just want to bless you for you being you. It took everything in me not to cry. For me it had nothing to do with the bread it was the fact that my obedience to GOd to train My children resulted in a light to this women. A light that she said was usually hard to find. Thank you Jesus for letting my children shine and for allowing me to be apart of turning that switch on in them!

By the way the bread company is located on Perry Road in Grand Blanc! Amazing Amazing yummy stuff over there!

New & Old.

I found this old table at a garage sale for $4 about 2 years ago. The kids have used for a game table ect... I had a bottle of Chalkboard Spray Paint and I decided to make a Chalkboard Table.
They had a blast tonight playing on it!
Pictionary~ Tic Tac Toe ~ drawing houses and cities.



My blessings having fun!