Friday, September 25, 2009

little b & little d

My six year old Madalynne is having issues with her little b and her little d.
It is obviously holding her back in her reading skills .
So i reached out to facebook world and asked for suggestions.

Here is what we ended up doing.

Thanks Jenny P. for this example.

"Write bed at the top of her paper and show her the bed posts! They face the way they are supposed to go!"

SO we jazzed it up by adding shaving cream to the mix!

Here are other suggestions i plan on using.

What do you use to help your child with this issue ?

Let me know if any of these suggestions work for you!

Rhonda says: Have her make a b and d with her fingers. Tell her to look at the way they look and then remind her the b comes first in the alphabet (just like the b on her left finger is first when she looks at it.)

Amme says: I taught my girls by saying "d" stands for door and the letter looks like a doorknob on a door.

Mary says : I'm 49 and still do that sometimes. lol The d points at me the b points away from me.

Bailey says: My mom always said that "b" bounces forward and "d" drops back.
Connie says: Tyler's program teaches the parents to say "little c, then little d" over and over again as they are writing little d. And for the parents to deomonstrate it for them as they keep repeating "little c, then little d".


  1. Lillie still gets hers confused every once in a while. I remind her with the b, the stick BEGINS the letter. It seems to help. :)

  2. Hi Rachael,

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