Friday, September 11, 2009

True Love Waits. Giving One Away :)

I love when i sing young girls make a commitment to sexual purity until they are married. So today i thought i would create something special just for them!
I have this beautiful heirloom keepsake necklace that has a dainty crystal hanging from the top.
The crystal can be in a birthstone or your favorite color!
Hung on an 18" chain.
Words stamped are "True Love Waits"

Tell me what you think!

You can find True Love Waits necklace right HERE!
For a limited time only they will be $20!!!
What a great gift!
So.... How about i give one away!!!
All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post down where it says comments on why you are waiting on your true love ?
Or who you would give this to and why?
Just in general why would this be a special piece to you ?
I will randomly draw a name sometime this weekend so let your friends know and make sure to check back to see if ya won!


  1. I would give this to Emma...she will be 13 next year...we gave her brother a purity ring and wanted to do something different for her. This is beautiful!!!! :0)

  2. Rachael,
    Love your jewelry :) I would like to give this to my niece, Courtney, who turned 16 in April. She is a beautiful young lady and has her first
    boyfriend. And I'd like to give this to her so that she will be reminded that "True Love Waits" and hopefully commit herself to purity until she is married. 8-)
    Dana Brennan

  3. Rachael,
    Another beautiful necklace! I would like to get one for my daughter. She says the boys in school are commenting on how pretty she is and I get the feeling she might need a little reminder dangling around her neck about how love should wait!! Besides that, she likes the first necklace you made me so much that she wore it for school pics. :)
    Keep up the beautiful work!

  4. Okay Rachael, I have spent the last ten minutes trying to firure out how to reach you on your blog sight. You may end up with ten comments from me or none!! I couldn't figure out how to do it, but I was trying to comment on the purity necklace. It is such a God thing. I went on your site the other day looking for purity jewelry and didn't see anything and then this pops up this morning. My husband and I have been discussing getting something for our oldest daughter, Morgan. This is such a tough age and I'm not quite sure who it is harder on, the teens or the parents. Anyway, It would mean so much more having you make this special piece, so whether my name is picked or not........ I want one!!!!!!

  5. What a beautiful necklace with such a special message. I would give this to my niece for her 13th birthday in november.

    =D melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  6. beautiful idea!! love it. i would keep it for my daughter someday. love the simplicity of it. would love to win one!

    rxsmileyjen from the pwf!! rxjenny313(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. Yesterday was my daughter's 16th birthday, and I gave her a new purity ring, she lost her first one because it didn't fit right. She is so committed to waiting for marriage, and I am excited to see what God will do with her commitment. I would give this necklace to my middle daughter who is 12. My older two children have purity rings, and this would be a nice way to introduce her to expressing this value until she chooses the commitment on her own.