Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day.

I can't believe we are already done with our first day!
Wow. umm i can say it went really well :)
A few glitches but hey no one knows but me right ?
So what did our day look like ?
Organized~ Yes!
Full of Jesus ~ Yes!
Lot's of Learning ~ Yes!
Creativity ~ Yes!

We got everything done in about 2 hours! I thought to myself this can't be right, so i googled how long it should take me....okay laugh because i know you are.
I found out in my google search what my children learn in an hour of one and one they would be learning in a week of school. wow.
Today we accomplished to get dressed, do chores, eat breakfast do devotions, and all our school work!
Here is a glimpse of our first school day!

A Little Phonics for the two oldest.
A little sorting of wooden beads for the baby.
Precious Ellianna ;)
My handsome little man.
My Sweet Princess Madalynne.

Ellianna learned play dough does not taste so yummy.

Sticky Situations Devotions with daddy at breakfast.
Madalynne practicing her letter sounds.
Connor working on blocks.
Measure Up ? Thanks Charis for this great sheet the kids had fun measuring their arms legs and even biceps!

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