Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Step out.

I emailed this to my friend the other day pertaining to a situation they are going thru. I felt God had showed me this during my morning devotion time. I just thought it might help someone else here as well. Don't just be a lurker leave a comment i love to read comments especially if something blesses your heart. During my devotion time i read about Jochebed (Moses mother).

So often we focus on Moses and his bringing the children of Isreal into the promise land we forget to look and see where he came from ?

Moses mother had to have the "faith" to put her three month old baby in a basket and allow God to be his protection. Wouldn't you know that her remarkable faith brought her a return of not only being able to raise her own baby and nurse him for three years but also to get payed from Pharaoh himself ? Crazy right. Exodus 2:7-9 talks bout all that.

Ecclisisastes 11:1 tells us to "Cast your bread upon the waters,for you will find it after many days."

I'm praying that the faith you have to cast out whatever it is you are asking for would be just like Jochebed as she cast her bread out on the waters (moses) it returned to her, and the children of Isreal.

Jochebed defied the King's order to kill her newborn son and throw him in the water in doing so she gave the world Moses.

Are you going to defy all reasonable limits by stepping out and asking God for something HUGE and life changing something that is uniting people and planting seeds that you may never see ? What is the world going to remember you by ? What you stood for and stepped out into or what you were against ?
I want to be known for what i stood for, How I loved and my Faith, just to name a few!

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  1. Thank you for sharing Rachael. I was just praying about a situation last night and this is a confirmation to the answer I recieved.