Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A little smoky ?

So the last 24 hours has been somewhat interesting. I have realized how much I really love food. That my bathrooms need a deep cleaning, That I am irritable when i don't have food in my belly, and that there is never a dull moment in our home!

So let's begin with Tuesday morning which was a day of fasting for me ( uh completely involuntarily ). I had to "prep" for a Colonoscopy. Clear liquids only all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday until my Colonoscopy was done. Scheduled for 11:30, that's along time without food! I feel like such a gluten thinking about the kids in our own country who don't even get to eat at all, and i'm complaining about a day! Oh and did i mention that some of the prep was done at choir practice! Oh yes i had it in my McDonalds tea cup, and had to keep sneaking off to the restroom. Then I heard the kids screaming and there was a Bat, yes a bat flying around the church. Anyways so i get through the prep and i am up on and off all night visiting our not so deep cleaned bathrooms.

This morning i had to wake up and finish another liter of the lovely cocktail they provided. Once I finished my cocktail and made a few trips back to the bathroom i cuddled up with my hubby and fell back to sleep. We live in an old country house that was remodeled and is gorgeous however the brains behind the operation forgot to think about maybe investing in some good old Air Conditioning. So we have a window unit. My oldest two children had a pow wow in front of the window unit last night to keep cool. Well this morning after i fell back into my deep slumber my hubby and I were awoken to a smoky smell that just happened to be filling up the bedroom where two of our children were sleeping. Our other daughter was asleep in the room on the otherside of the smoky one. We hopped up and he ran into the room to the kids and i got the fire extinguisher (and my wedding ring) just in case there was a visable fire. Praise THe Lord there was not! He unplugged the window unit and sparks were flying. CRAZY! Anyways the Fire Dept came and checked the walls and gave us the clear, but let me tell you by the time that fiasco was over it was time to go to my appt. My husband asked are you nervous I said i haven't had time to think about it!

I looked down and realized the first shirt i grabbed this morning was from our Fearless Conference and it was the shirt that says "Bring It" . Dear Lord what was I asking for. Then i was reminded of the scripture on it the shirt and it says There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out all fear. God loves me so much and does not desire fear to be in me. Needless to say the house is good and Praise The Lord the colonoscopy went great and the results are amazing as well! Thank you Jesus for your protection today and your healing of my body! I am a little weak and my belly is a little woozy but wow what a day!


  1. Great news, Rachael. Glad to hear it!

  2. Bring it..............God always triumphs!! Love this song by the way!!!!!Misty Edwards :)
    Love ya,
    Brenda Rolling

  3. I am glad everything was okay with your AC and with your test results! Awesome! Yes, I am going to open an etsy store soon! I will keep you posted! Thanks for asking!!