Friday, June 5, 2009

We have a winner!

I have no idea how to post a pic of the random generator that i used but the winner is Melinda @ . Can i just tell you I have no idea how she found me (i think thru Jessica's blog, so thanks Jessica) but
1) She has the cutest little girl
2) her pictures on her blog are beautiful
3) She has the greatest blog!

I hope she will become a new friend of mine!

Melinda come contact me @ for details on how to claim your prize!!!

Thanks everyone and watch for more contest and discounts!


  1. Yes, your right. I across Melinda through I heart faces, a photography blog. I love here photos of her little girls!!

  2. Seriously, I won??!! Oh, I am SO excited!!! I did find your blog through Jessica's and couldn't resist entering. Your necklaces are awesome! I tried to e-mail you 3 times this morning but they all came back to me. Would you mind e-mailing me instead??

    THANK YOU so very much!! You made my day!