Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello & Welcome.

So welcome to my new blog. I hope some of you have come over from my old blog, and decided to follow me!


Let me explain the blog change, the name change, well let me just explain.


I have always loved to create weather it be sewing, making jewelry, cooking or baking that is who I am.


Last year I began a company and started making hand stamped jewelry. The business took off very well for me, however by Christmas I never wanted to look at the post office, email or my stamping tools EVER again.


That only lasted a little bit…anyone who knows me knows that I have to be doing something crafty. So I am re~inventing my self. I am taking down my Etsy store and opening up a new one ;) and also you will find me on a new website called Twolia.


So why the new name ? Well I choose The Vintage Lane for a reason. Vintage means a period of time when something new appeared or began, and Lane is obviously a narrow path. This year God has been doing many things in my heart that someday it’s going to be timeless treasures in someone’s life. A Legacy. The new period of my life in years will appear to be Vintage but it will have worth and value. Why the word Lane ? Well because I believe that I’m walking down a long lane of life. Sometimes it’s curvy sometimes it’s straight but no matter what Jesus is always walking in front of me or in the hard times he is carrying me!


This new blog is going to be a reflection of Jesus, who he is and what he does. It will also be about my family little odds and ins and probably a whole lot of pictures! It will also be a place where I show you how our family is doing our best to be Jesus hands and feet. I will also share my favorite recipes, tips and tricks to things I have learned, and of course all my crafting creations and special deals I may run!


Thanks for coming over to my new blog!


Hoping that you will feel blessed every time you stop by!



A Fearless Chic




  1. Rock on your bravehearted, fearless chick! :)
    Hoping this new change will bring about a change in your blogging habits too...heehee...MORE OFTEN! :) LOVE YA!

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  3. Looks great Rachael. I can't wait to see what God has for you this year!